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Through our marketing efforts at the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (NMDA), we found that strong traditions formed a common thread across all New Mexico agricultural products. Whether it be a salsa, a sopaipilla mix, wine, green chile beef jerky, cheese, blanket woven with New Mexico grown wool, plat stock grown in one of our local nurseries, or seed stock from one of our many cattle ranches from across the state (as well as many others), all agricultural products that are in production today have a history steeped in family traditions that are worth emphasizing, talking about… and even celebrating!

This is why NMDA, in 2000, Created the NEW MEXICO — Taste the Tradition and Grown with tradition program. While the main intent of using these logos is a way to promote New Mexico companies’ products and identify them as grown or made in the state, the program has become so much more.

Aside from having access to the logos, there are many more reasons to become a member of NMDA’s Logo Program. Membership is free, so read below learn more about eligibility, funding assistance, point of purchase materials, and other membership benefits.

If you are interested in joining the program, please read the following forms, fill them out, and return them via email to

Logo Use Guidelines

License Agreement Form

Retail Participation Agreement Form

Program Benefits

  • Opportunities to network with other members.
  • Potential to sell your products to other members.
  • Access to TTT/GWT member newsletter.
  • Automatic listing on Taste the Tradition website.
  • Access to logo merchandise program (POP Shop) sold at cost.
  • Sharing of events through Taste the Tradition Facebook page. 
  • Discounted or free booths at TTT/GWT hosted events such as HomeGrown.


Discounts with selected local vendors offered to members upon presentation of membership certificate.

More information to be provided shortly.

Special Offers

Special offers by NMDA availability and discretion. 

  • Filming and editing of a 2 minute company introduction video.
  • Free, written critique of company website.
  • One-on-one consultation with marketing specialist on social media marketing.
  • Custom graphic of company’s choice. 
  • Filming and editing of YouTube-style demonstration video. (Ex: Cooking with one or more food products.)

What are people saying?

Find out what logo program members like most about the it!
  • I would say that Little Poncho's Hot Chili Products was one of the very first members from the very beginning when Taste The Tradition was introduced to us at the State Fair with the New Mexico Department of Agriculture. Being a Member of Taste The Tradition has benefited Our Business, Little Poncho's Hot Chili Products in many ways, promoting not only our Products, but all New Mexico Products nation wide, giving all members of Taste the Tradition promotional supplies, logos, stickers etc.- all we needed to promote our products to the public. Helping out members that do not have the funds for a booth by giving out grants to us, to members who need a helping hand to sell our products! Thanks to all the crews that are still helping us! Keep up the good work, we love you all. Sincerely, Little Poncho's Hot Chili Products Jay and Judithann Clauer Poncho
  • My partner and wife and I are glad and honored to be members of NEW MEXICO Taste the Tradition. Having the label has helped the appearance and recognition of my products as a Southwestern Chile Product.
  • I have participated in the Taste the Tradition®/Grown with Tradition® program since it was first introduced. Over the years I’ve received Trade Show Assistance and label Assistance. Between 2004 and 2014 I also received retail advertising assistance for the New Mexico Specialty Foods Stores that I had in Cottonwood Mall and other locations. Being the owner of a small business I have appreciated the assistance given from the Taste the Tradition®/Grown with Tradition® program. It has helped with expenses in these areas. Additional information from Taste the Tradition®/Grown with Tradition® program is sent out by NMDA which will benefit your business and they are there to help answer any questions you may have. Barbara Mangum owner Mangum Enterprises established 1989
  • This program is great. The word tradition means a lot to local economy. The logo helps me to promote my produce. Some growers were interested in the shopping bags too. They asked me where to buy the bags. I am glad I joined the program. Thank you for all your hard work. Grace Foster