Jeroen van der Ploeg is Raising the Next Generation

New Mexico has long been a welcoming place where many people have decided to call home. The state is so lucky that the van der Ploeg family decided to settle in Clovis, New Mexico. The family immigrated to the United States in 2003 from the Friesland area of the Netherlands, where they were dairy farmers. After settling in Clovis, they started raising dairy cows just as they did in the Netherlands. Now they make Freanna Whole Milk Yoghurt that can be found in selected Albertsons, Whole Foods, Market Street, and more!

Jeroen van der Ploeg works at his family’s dairy and hopes to carry on their wonderful legacy. He was kind enough to give us some time for an interview. We had a few questions for him as one of the members of the young generation in New Mexico agriculture currently. Here’s what he had to say:

NMDA: What inspired you to get involved in agriculture?

My family has been in the agriculture since the 1700’s. I guess it is in my blood.

NMDA: What’s a typical day for you on the farm/ranch?

Checking the farm, sprinklers, and the cows, and then I see how the employees are doing.

NMDA: What are your long-term goals in agriculture?

I want to maintain our farm, land, and dairy for our new generation.

NMDA: So what advice do you have for a young person or young people who want to get involved in agriculture?

Listen and ask questions of older folks that have been in agriculture for many years. Ask what their point of view is on issues and problems you have. Get advice and maybe try out what makes the most sense to you.

NMDA: If you were to have five minutes with an influential policy maker either at the state or federal level what would you like to discuss with them and why?

I would want to explain that in the agriculture world we are not here to harm the land or the environment, however we are getting forced to produce more crops from less land.

Photo Credit: Cowgirl Cut and van der Ploeg Family

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