Naturally New Mexico Food Product LLC

Contact: Donald Martinez

Business Phone: 575.581.4576


P.O. Box 52
El Rito, NM 87530

2 Responses to “Naturally New Mexico Food Product LLC

  • Mr. Martinez,

    We met at the Oveja meeting. I have mutton sheep after all. Too large for my flock.
    >one #2618, born2/24/16, F: SD x SF [PP x (SF x PP)]
    3/8 Suffolk, 3/8 Polypay, 1/4 Southdown
    The second has pulled her tag but closely resembles the first.
    We have a few other ewes we might sell, but they are smaller.
    If you have a place for these sheep please let me know.
    Thank you,

  • Hello!

    Please contact the business via the contact information listed above. They will be happy to talk with you!