The Bossy Gourmet

Contact: Lenny Pelifian

Business Phone: 575.323.0979


2211 N. Main St. #7
Las Cruces, NM 88001

2 Responses to “The Bossy Gourmet

  • Gloria Butkivich
    3 years ago

    I just wanted to let you know I was in Las Cruces NM in September this year, I went into a grocery store off valley blvd. In the end cap I saw a sign said #1 salsa in town. So I said sure let me try it, I’m a person always looking for a good salsa and great chili. Which I know is in Hatch chili…
    I live in Glendale AZ. I would like to see where I can buy it here in Phoenix area. I regret not buying your red chili so I could have tried it.

    Gloria Butkivich
    Glendale, Az

  • Hello Gloria!

    We’re so glad that you picked up some of the salsa to try! We just checked on the Bossy Gourmet website and it looks like they are being distributed at Azteca Bakeries in Phoenix. (Distribution Locations for Bossy Gourmet) While it’s not directly in Glendale, hopefully it is close enough for you to reach. If you email the Pelifians, they may be able to ship some to you too!

    Thank you so much for commenting!