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Red Chile

The Fresh Chile Co.

Contact: Sarah Hartzell Phone Number: 575.888.7762 Email Address: freshchileco@gmail.com Mailing Address: 1155 Telshor Blvd., Ste 100, Las Cruces, NM 88011

Plaza Café

Plaza Café

Contact: Daniel Razatos Business Phone: 505.982.1664 Email:  daniel@santafeplazacafe.com Address: 54 Lincoln Ave. Santa Fe, NM 87501

The Red Hot Green Chile Place Logo Placeholder

The Red Hot Green Chile Place

Contact: Page Latham Business Phone: 575.546.1861 Email: lifeways@cfaith.com Address: 3105 Sunshine Rd. SW Deming, NM 88030

Hatch Chile Store Logo

The Hatch Chile Store

Contact: Elaine Mitchell Business Phone: 575.644.4877 Email: admin@hatch-green-chile.com Address: 5034 Moon Shadow Pl. Las Cruces, NM 88011

Seco Spice Logo

Seco Spice Company

Contact: Julie Ogaz Business Phone: 575.233.9000 Email: secospice@msn.com Address: P.O. Box 199 Chamberino, NM 88027

Rancho de Santa Fe Logo

Rancho de Santa Fe

Contact: Eddie Velarde Business Phone: 505.582.2310 Email: ranchodesantafe3@yahoo.com Address: P.O. Box 4 Velarde, NM 87582

MBJ Packing Logo

MBJ Packing, LLC

Contact: Angel Baquera Business Phone: 575.650.7981 Email: angel@mbjpacking.com Address: P.O. Box 307 Arrey, NM 87930

M.A. and Sons Logo

M.A. & Sons

Contact: Mary Garary Business Phone: 575.267.1122 Email: maandsons@zianet.com  Address: Box 302 Derry, NM 87933

Hatch Chile Sales

Hatch Chile Sales

Contact: Peter Atencio Business Phone: 575.621.3246 Address: P.O. Box 323 Hatch, NM 87937

Hatch Chile Express Logo Placeholder

Hatch Chile Express, LLC

Contact: Jo Lytle Business Phone: 575.267.3226 Email: hatchchile@zianet.com Address: P.O. Box 350 Hatch, NM 87937

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