Taste the Tradition Chef Ambassador Program

The “NEW MEXICO—Taste the Tradition® Chef Ambassador(s)” will serve a two-year term involving advocating for and promoting New Mexico agriculture at events and speaking engagements.  The chef(s) selected, will not only gain recognition amongst peers, but amongst consumers as well.

To be considered, a chef must be someone who:

  • Is currently employed in the food service industry in New Mexico as a chef, sous chef, or pastry chef
  • Has been actively engaged and employed in the food service industry for a minimum of the past three consecutive years
  • Demonstrates leadership, creativity, and culinary excellence in their workplace
  • Exemplifies remarkable guest service, mentorship, and quality inside and outside the kitchen
  • Contributes to the advancement and prestige of the foodservice industry
  • Supports New Mexico agriculture by serving New Mexico agricultural products regularly in their restaurant (or is willing to commit to doing so)
  • Currently advocates for New Mexico agriculture, or is willing to do so, in an unbiased and positive manner
  • Is engaging during cooking demonstrations and special events as well as with the media
  • Can work in non-conventional settings (including the outdoors)

All applications and necessary attachments must be emailed to NMDA at by June 30, 2018.  Each emailed application must include the name of the applicant as the subject.

 A selection panel put together by NMDA will then review all applications.  Once the selection panel has narrowed their selection, interviews may be conducted.