$5 Challenge Store Display Contest Registration

Attention Lowes Market Store Managers

NMDA will be hosting a display contest for the month of August.

To enter, include photos or videos via a Dropbox invite, or other cloud storage, on or before August 15. Displays will be judged on overall visual appeal, creativity, variety of New Mexico products represented, and use of promotional materials. 

Please send an email to tastethetradition@nmda.nmsu.edu to request an invitation to add your photos or videos to the storage.

The top two displays will advance to round two. Stores will be judged based on overall store participation, cross merchandising, and personnel knowledge and enthusiasm.

Our New Mexico Taste the Tradition Chef Ambassador(s) will host personnel from the winning store for a special sit-down cooking demonstration and pairing of New Mexico food and beverage products.

Thank you in advance for your participation!

The NMDA Marketing & Development Team


Please include Store Name, Store Number, Store Manager’s Name, Manager’s Email, Store’s Physical Address, and Store Phone Number in your registration.

Taste The Tradition logo with watermark Grown With Tradition logo with watermark 5dollarWatermark

On the form below please indicate which of above images you would like in the ‘Your Message’ section. For example, if one wanted the Red lettered Taste The Tradition image and the $5 challenge image, they would request Image #1 and Image # 3. We will send you the official images without watermarks; images shown above are marked and unusable.