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Picture of carrots for carrot-ginger bisque

Carrot-Ginger Bisque

Here’s a delicious, light carrot-ginger bisque recipe from our Chef Ambassador Rocky Durham that can be served hot or cold....

Portrait of Jeroen van der Ploeg with farm equipment in the background.

Jeroen van der Ploeg is Raising the Next Generation

New Mexico has long been a welcoming place where many people have decided to call home. The state is so...

Portrait of Heather Salopek, owner of Legacy Pecans.

Heather Salopek is Branching Out

If you’ve ever driven through the Mesilla Valley, you can’t help but notice the pecan orchards that run up and...

A portrait of Ben Etcheverry in a chile field. He is smiling and looking directly into the camera while holding a chile pod in his right hand.

Ben Etcheverry is Putting Down Roots

If you’ve ever driven through Deming, New Mexico, you might only see the town, and not notice the fields and...

A portrait of Abbey Carver. She is wearing a colorful plaid shirt and a baseball cap. Bright blue skies can be seen behind her.

Abbey Carver is Growing in the Mesilla Valley

Abbey Carver’s farm, Brazito Farms, is nestled in a beautiful little area surrounded by houses, fields, and the quintessential Southern...

A portrait of Jay Hill. He wears a baseball cap with "Hill Farms, N.M." and is smiling at the camera.

Jay Hill is Cultivating Big Changes

If you’re involved with the agriculture community of New Mexico, you’ve probably heard of Hill Farms. You may even know...